Black metal, upholstery fabrics, display cases doubling as partitions, contemporary design elements juxtaposed with pieces with a retro vibe: these are the Baldinini Trend boutiques. The inclusion of interactive video elements – simplifying the visual language – is a major factor. The first stores in the network are in the Milan and Rome city centres, in addition to Rimini (the brand’s hometown) and the Orio al Serio retail centre. However, the plan is to reproduce the format in all international fashion cities.

Boutique - Baldinini Trend
Boutique Milano San Babila - Baldinini Trend
Milano San Babila
Piazza San Babila, 1/3
+39 02 76341368
Boutique Roma Frattina - Baldinini Trend
Roma Frattina
Via Frattina, 22
+39 06 69925461
Boutique Rimini - Baldinini Trend
Corso D’Augusto, 90
+39 0541 25486
Boutique Orio al Serio - Baldinini Trend
Orio al Serio Oriocenter
Via Portico, 71
+39 035 330187