Trend Attitude
Spring Summer 2018
TREND isn't just a way of dressing, a mosaic of accessories, collections made up of themes interacting in a co-ed way.
It is also the attitude to an original, laid-back, personal style. And the will to interpret life and fashion outside the box.
TREND is not just a brand. TREND is an attitude.

Rouge: absolute, deep, strong vibrant, powerful red. But also sophisticated, sculptural, playful. Shapes and details define this magnetic colour mood: the outcome is ever changing.
Essential silhouettes built by a mix of unusual materials and details: studs, coloures stones, piebald patterns. Leather is the star: basic or enriched with inserts, jewel detailing, tassels. A sophisticated and eccentric mood, suitable for those with a "wild" soul.
A palette of natural, classic, gentle shades. Handmade manufacturing: laser cuts, stitching, microperforations and inserts. Derby shoes and brogues, slip ons and loafers for gentlemen who love classics to be overturned by a strong fashion accent.
Movement and action defined by colour block: new sneakers mix materials and shades in winning combinations. Indigo, red-orange, green: neoprene pairs with suede and walks on double-coloured soles.