Woman's Trend

A mosaic of themes gives life to the Baldinini Trend Autumn/Winter 2017/18 collection: whether seductive or romantic, sophisticated or old-country, current, fashionable allure wins every time. Make-up: pale, light and dusty shades of blush define the feel of composed elegance, with the addition of a subtle retro hint. Metal: the mirrored surfaces create an audacious look, while a light and shadow effect features in the embossed version, discreet is the word in the black and the metal accent ranges between sophisticated rock and futuristic. Furry: fur takes centre stage: coming in a cocoon-effect and providing protection from the cold, it also adds an on-trend accent. Rougenoir: a fashion oxymoron, a contrasting coupling. A classic pairing that has been undated and expanded - this can be seen in the rich fiery red hue or the Caucasus-inspired prints.